Speaker Presentation: Silvia Gaiani

Silvia Gaiani
Dr Silvia Gaiani is currently working as a consultant on ICT for Rural Development for WMO (World Meteorological Organization), a UN agency based in Geneva and for several international NGOs.
She is also a researcher in Rural Development and Food Policies at the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Bologna, Italy. Her researches focus  on the use of new technologies for rural development in Asia and Africa, food governance and participatory development in an anthropological perspective.

She has published  scientific articles dedicated to these issues and has participated as speaker at conferences worldwide organized by FAO, the British Association for South Asian Studies, the Italian Society of Agronomy and the  ICT for Development Collective.

Silvia is a free lance journalist for the Italian newspaper La Stampa where she covers environmental and sustainable innovations. She is currently collaborating with Prof Erkki Sutinen in Mozambique in order to get a project on Innovation Journalism for Change to get started.

In June 2008 she has obtained her PhD in International Cooperation and Policies for Sustainable Development from the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Bologna, Italy and  thanks to European scholarship, she has been able to carry out research in the field and collaborating with the 'University of Lucknow (India), the University of Moratuwa (Sri Lanka), the University of British Columbia (Canada), the University of Kyoto (Japan) and the University of Joensuu (Finland).
Contact: silvia.gaiani3@unibo.it