Speaker Presentation: Erkki Sutinen

Erkki Sutinen

Dr Erkki Sutinen is a professor of Computer Science at the University of Eastern Finland. He obtained his PhD in string algorithm researfrom the University of Helsinki in 1998. His research group at Joensuu
works in educational technology and ICT for development, running also an international online PhD program www.impdet.org. Prof. Sutinen's research interests are technologies for special education,
contextualized IT education, and visual and textual tools for learning. For these, he has received several research grants from the Academy of Finland, TEKES the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology
and Innovation, and the European Union. Besides U. Eastern Finland, he has been working at Purdue University, US, U. Linkoping, Sweden, U. Pretoria, South Africa, and Massey University, New Zealand. He is an adjunct professor at Tumaini University, Tanzania, and Extraordinary Professor at North-West University, South Africa. For 2010-12, he works as the chief technical advisor at STIFIMO, a science, technology and innovation program between Finland and Mozambique, funded by the Finnish Government with 22 Me.
Contact: sutinen@cs.joensuu.fi