Speaker Presentation: Hanna Sistek

Hanna Sistek is a Swedish freelance journalist based in Delhi, India, since 2006. During winters she is covering the South Asian subcontinent, reporting mainly on international affairs, terrorism and human rights, with frequent travels to Afghanistan and Pakistan. In summers she travels and reports from other parts of the world. She has worked on five continents, been embedded twice in Afghanistan, couchsurfed activists in Iran, followed the trails of Al Shabaab in Nairobi, portrayed political authors in the U.S. and explored American detention policies in the War on terror.Hanna holds a degree in journalism from Gothenburg University, and was a Innovation Journalism Fellow at Stanford in 2008. She has been a stringer in India for Dagens Industri, Swedish financial daily, and worked as a reporter at the international section of Göteborgs-Posten, Sweden’s second largest morning paper, as well as at Veckans Affärer, the Business Week of Sweden. Hanna has contributed to 60 publications so far, some of them being Amnesty Press, Fokus, LO-tidningen, Omvärlden, Tidningen Bioenergi, Ottar och Dagens Media.