Speaker Presentation: Steve Grove

Steve Grove is Head of News and Politics, YouTube (at Google). He directs the news and political content strategy and programming for YouTube. In 2008, Grove developed YouTube's political platform, which brought presidential and congressional candidates to YouTube; he then launched the award-winning CNN/YouTube Debates, the first-ever web-to-TV political debates in which candidates answered questions submitted on YouTube. Grove also brought the U.S. government to YouTube, and in February 2010 he debuted an exclusive interview with President Obama, posing user-submitted questions to the President - a format YouTube repeated in 2011, and has since scaled to world leaders globally.

Grove creates partnerships with news organizations, developing products like YouTube Direct (youtube.com/direct) that allow news organizations to access YouTube's vast market of citizen-generated news clips. He created CitizenTube, a channel on YouTube that curates and promotes citizen-generated news clips from breaking news events like the Middle East protests this spring. Grove also started YouTube's nonprofit program, which allows charity organizations to harness YouTube for their causes. Originally from Northfield, Minnesota, Grove worked at The Boston Globe and ABC News prior to joining YouTube. He received a Master's in Public Policy from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University in 2006.