Speaker Presentation: Neil Rubens

Neil Rubens is an Assistant Professor and is the director of Active Intelligence Lab (part of Knowledge Systems Laboratory) at the University of Electro-Communications, Japan; and is a member of the Innovation Ecosystems Network at Stanford University.  He holds a M.Sc. degree from the University of Massachusetts and a Ph.D. degree from the Tokyo Institute of Technology - both in Computer Science.  His research focuses on developing Active Intelligence systems -- Artificial Intelligence systems that are self adaptable utilizing unsupervised and semi-supervised learning, and active communication and data acquisition.  He has applied developed methods to diverse fields such as information retrieval, recommender systems, bioinformatics, knowledge mining, and policy analysis. Dr. Rubens authored chapters on the topics of machine learning, active learning and recommender systems published by MIT Press and Springer. His research has received funding from corporations and the governments of Japan, United States and Sweden.  For more information please refer to http://ActiveIntelligence.org