Speaker Presentation: Shahira Amin

Shahira Amin is an Egyptian TV journalist who worked for Egypt State TV between 1989 to 2011. She has been a freelance contributor to CNN's Inside Africa since 2002. Amin has produced feature stories on female genital mutilation, the plight of Sudanese refugees, discrimination against Copts in Egypt, the Nile water dispute and Wahhabi influence on Egyptian culture and the arts, among others. She is twice winner of Best news report in the annual CNN World Report Competition (2004 and 2008).

She has also been recognized by UNICEF for her efforts to improve the status of women and children in her country (Certificate of recognition, Beirut 2009). She has hosted  many high profile personalities  on her weekly programme "In the Hot Seat" broadcast on Nile TV (Egypt TV's English Language Channel) including US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, US Ambassador  on women's issues Verveer,  US Secretary of Trade Ron Kirk, President of Finland Tarja Halonen ,Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni, Former First Lady Jehane Sadat, Former Ghanaian President John Kufuor, Former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamed, ILO Chief Juan Somavia to mention but a few.

Amin has also contributed articles to various  publications including the Dubai-based The World, Egypt's state sponsored al Ahram Weekly , El Masry el Yom (independent) portal , Emirates News and others. Shahira resigned from her job on the 3rd of February in protest at state tv coverage of the popular uprising in Tahrir Square. She currently lives in Egypt and has two children.