Speaker Presentation: Elizabeth Filippouli

Elizabeth Filippouli

Elizabeth Filippouli is a media and business consultant, and former television journalist born in Athens(Greece). She is Managing Director of Global Thinkers.

Filippouli is a strong advocate of the concept of global thinking and she launched Global Thinkers in 2010 as a next-generation Media and Business Intelligence Agency and a thought-production mechanism. With Global Thinkers, Filippouli is addressing issues relating to public affairs, marketing, crisis management and development strategies for companies, organisations, governments and individuals. She coined the concepts of Digimocracy (the Digital Democracy as a new form of participatory Democracy generated by CIT) and Globonomy (the term refers to the reality of a globalized Economy and the various collaboration and other needs pushing towards the formation of a new Economic Model). In 2010 Filippouli launched Globeez, an Internet business designed to focus on the promotion of trade and collaboration between emerging markets and the developed world by acting as conduit for business and communication. The business has partnerships with PR NewsWire, Rocketseed, StraightlineNYC and Africa 24.

As a journalist, Filippouli has been a member of the Al Jazeera English launch team based in Doha (Qatar) and presenter of AJE’s flagship programs “People & Power” and “Witness.” For AJE she produced a number of documentaries, such as “Greek gate,” “Italy gate,” “A King Without a Country” and the factual series “Crossroads Europe,” a project focusing on the changing nature of European societies. She also worked with CNN International for six years as a contributor, regularly reporting for CNN on Greek affairs and breaking news in Greece. Filippouli started her career a main news presenter for the Greek Public Television ERT.